Activities in the town of Phippsburg

Activities in and around Phippsburg include:

Anna's Water's Edge Restaurant
Established in 1979, Anna's Water's Edge Restaurant overlooks a working wharf and is housed in what was once a clam depuration plant. With fresh seafood caught in Casco Bay daily, and other classic Maine dishes, Water's Edge is the epitome of coastal Maine dining.

Cooley Preserve Hiking Trails
252 acres of public land including a beaver pond, brooks, pools, ledges, and peaceful glades. View wild flowers in bloom and watch for the local wildlife. There are three trails clearly marked with colored arrows, the longest of which is 1.2 miles.

Fort Popham
The building of this fort was begun in 1861 and never completed. Improvements in fort construction proceeded so rapidly that the plan was soon obsolete. This makes the fort a unique link between the old and the new.

Fort Baldwin
This fort was named for a noted Revolutionary War engineer. Built in 1905 it was acclaimed at that time as a “modern 20th century fort”. It is located in and on the Soybean Hill and is well concealed by the surrounding forest. The view from this historic site is worth the climb.

Head Beach
A cozy beach nestled by Hermit Island, where you can catch the sun and the waves. There is an entry fee.

Hike up to Robinson's Rock
Take a fairly easy 30 minute hike up to Robinson’s Rock. In the late 1700’s this spot was a lookout to support colonial defenses at Hunnewell’s Point. The view from Robinson’s Rock explains the chosen location for sighting English vessels during the Revolutionary War. This location was used again in the War of 1812 to signal the Munjoy Hill Observatory in Portland, 14 miles away. Take a picnic lunch and enjoy the view overlooking the ships, sea, and islands of Casco Bay.

The Lobster House
Overlooking the water in Small Point, the Lobster House is a local summer favorite for lunch and dinner. With excellent service, great food, and a classic Maine atmosphere, it's no wonder the Lobster House is so popular. Make sure to try the Fudge Overboard!

Morse Mountain Conservation Area
This hike is four miles total along a paved trail. Detour up the hill for spectacular views from the top of Morse Mountain, or head straight for the beautiful Seawall Beach at the end of the trail. Enjoy the sun, sand, and surf, and return along the same path to the parking lot at the entrance.

North Creek Farm
A local lunch spot and working farm. Built in the 1850's as a saltwater farm, North Creek Farm sells is own organic produce, eggs, and flowers from its extensive gardens.

Percy's Store
Founded in the early 1900's, Percy's Store is a locally owned and operated restaurant and general store located on Popham Beach. Famous for their fried dough breakfast, Percy's is also a popular stop for those exploring the Popham area.

Phippsburg Historical Museum
Put together by the local historical society, this museum tells the story of Phippsburg from early Native American artifacts up to 1980. Located in an old, one room school house, the museum also displays various articles from early colonial life, Victorian New England, and the local ship building trade that once made Phippsburg famous around the world.

Popham Beach
One of Maine’s most picturesque State Parks, with rocks, powdery sand, and surf. Islands and lighthouses can be seen across the water, and the sun-warmed tidal pools are a great place for children to play at low tide. There is an entry fee.

Spinney's Oceanfront Restaurant
Located on Popham Beach, and overlooking the mouth of the Kennebec River, Spinney's Oceanfront Restaurant has been a Phippsburg staple for decades. Whether you're looking for a lobster dinner, or a simple hot dog and fries, Spinney's serves up great food and an amazing vista to go with it.

Totman Beach
Great beach for children as the water stays shallow for many feet. Picnic tables and parking. See the Front Desk for a parking pass.